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Without sign language and without proper access to sign language interpretation, deaf people are excluded from most social life.


Tanzania has ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and has had its own quite fine complementary legislation since 2010. Unfortunately, the legislation is largely unknown outside very narrow circles.


The distribution of tasks between different authorities and levels in Tanzania's public sector requires local authorities, similar to Danish regions and municipalities, to ensure compliance with both the Convention and national legislation.


Studies have shown that virtually no local authorities know either the Convention or the relevant Tanzanian legislation. Nor is there any money for the task.


This is the situation that the new CICED-CHAVITA cooperation will try to change. The whole of Tanzania cannot be turned to work on the rights of the dying in 18 months. That is why we are starting with an intensive effort in the three regions: Mtwara in the south, Tanga in the north and Dodoma in the centre of the country.


The project aims to raise awareness of the rights of the deaf and in particular the need for sign language and access to sign language interpretation. Local organisations of the deaf will be strengthened in advocacy and engaging their members in the dissemination and recognition of the rights of the deaf.


New technology will be used and a 'sign language app' will be developed to expand the ability of deaf people to communicate with the outside world. 


Before the end of the project, lessons learned from the three pilot districts will be translated into a national campaign plan to promote the effective right and access of the deaf to use sign language and sign language interpretation in conversation and cooperation with public authorities and the Tanzanian society at large.


En samlet oversigt over de nyheder, der knytter sig til projektet

Inter week of the deaf 2020_Tanzania.jpg


Sign Language - Language of the Deaf

Project Title: Boosting Sign Language as the Language of the Deaf in Tanzania

Project start: 01.04.2021 - 30.09.2022 

Partner: CHAVITA

Budget: 482.000 DKK

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