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The aim is to strengthen the inclusion of deaf people in Tanzanian society. This will be achieved by increasing the capacity and quality of sign language interpretation. 


Sign language interpretation in Tanzania is currently of poor quality, and the number of interpreters is too small to meet the ever-increasing demand for interpretation. Sign language interpretation is one of the most important keys to the integration and active participation of the deaf in society.


The project targets the capacity building of sign language interpreters at the interpreters' organization TASLI and the deaf organization CHAVITA and among sign language interpreting students at the University of Dar es Salaam. 


In addition, advocacy is targeted at government agencies and institutions that have a treaty and statutory obligation to serve the deaf members of the community. 


Finally, TASLI is being strengthened as an organization. Efforts include training in sign language interpreting, ethical requirements of interpreting, organizational development and an action learning process through continuous CICED supervision of TASLI's management.




Better and more sign langauge interpretation servcies

Project title: Supporting Quality Sign Language Interpretation Services in Tanzania

Project start: 01.04.2022 - 30.09.2023

Partner: TASLI

Budget: 498.000 DKK


En samlet oversigt over de nyheder, der knytter sig til projektet

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